Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Some Progress

Well I have finally made some progress on a few things in my sewing room. Most of what I have been doing has been outside this week but I got that accomplished so back to sewing YEAH!!

First I'll show you some pictures of the quilt I made out of vintage sheets. If you missed that post it's right HERE

I am just doing simple straight line quilting on it. I just need something anything to get done right now.

I was hoping to have more of it quilted but life got in the way again!

Like I said just some straight line quilting fast and easy. 

This is the sheet I used for the back. I love it!

So now I must show you what was in my mail box yesterday. I hope you love it as much as I do. 

This is some more fabric I got from Etsy. This is just darling... I bought it from Sew Deerly Loved. You can check out the Etsy shop HERE

But....this is Wonderful

This is the package that I got from Donna's Lavender Nest. Let me tell you Donna can put a package together! This is my fabric wrapped in tissue with ribbon little cute cut out hearts and a beautiful little clothes pen holding her business card and a label for me to use! (the money is from refunded shipping charges REFUNDED shipping, She didn't have to do that)

But it gets better!!! 

Take the purple tissue off and look ric rack! She is trying to spoil me. (and it's working)

This fabric is unbelievable! Oh and just so you know the light blue with the tiny flowers was supposed to be a half yard well she said it was the end of the bold so she just gave me all of it! Wow soooo nice! 

Visit Donna at her website HERE or her Etsy shop HERE or you can see what she has been making with all her pretty fabric on her blog HERE

Again none of these ladies have asked me to include them in my blog posting. When I find something I really enjoy I like to share! 

Well I know you are all wondering why I am buying all this pretty fabric. I am finally, finally, finally getting a chance to start my hexie project! Yeah....(lots of hand clapping here)

I have 1" hexies and I almost have it all set to go with me.

Yes that is a cigar box. And No I don't smoke. LOL A friend of mine bought this for me. She said they are perfect for your sewing projects. She is so right! I have this little one she gave me and a bigger one she gave me and it holds my 7" embroidery hoop. 

I did buy the template to go with. I really wanted to fussy cut a lot of these fabrics so I thought it was the right choice to get the template. (they make one for each size) I bought mine from Paper Pieces HERE


I hope you all have a great week with what ever you are sewing.

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Hugs and best stitches to you,


  1. Michelle you are so sweet. Thank you so much for mentioning my shop. I am so happy you loved your fabrics. Your quilting is turning out great. Sometimes we just need to simplify our lives. Your hexies are so cute. I have been working on some for years. I pick it up, put it down and so on.
    Hope you are having a great day.

  2. No Donna you are the sweetest! Your fabrics are wonderful and the packaging is the BEST I have ever seen. You take pride in what you do and it really shows. Sending you (((hugs))) from Florida!

  3. I love that fabric! Gorgeous prints! Can't wait to see the finished project! :)

    1. Thanks Lindsey! The fabric is to die for......um I keep telling myself I don't have a problem ;)

  4. Getting something done is a novelty in my life, when it comes to sewing. I can totally feel you in this post. Then there's the lovely fabric...of course we want more...but I have so much I'm not touching already! =) It looks like you found some amazing sellers on etsy. I appreciate when people are honest with shipping...makes me want to come back for more. =)

    Popping over from Show & Tell Tuesday! Thanks for linking up some inspiration today.

  5. Isn't Donna the best!!! She has spoiled me a time or two, as well. =)

  6. Straight line quilting is a great choice - lets the fabrics shine!

    Love your hexies - perfect fabrics for them!


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