My Sewing Machines

I remember a time when I said to my husband "I think I want to get a vintage sewing machine you know a Featherweight" so I heard Uh-Hu so I knew he was probably not even paying attention. So a few months later my husband went to "town" we live 12 miles from nowhere. And he came back and said Hey I have something for you.

Well the cabinet on the bottom was what he brought me. He had gotten it at a yard sale in town for 35 bucks.
Here is what was in it.

So here is the story of this machine. Hubby thought he would help me clean it because it had been in a home where someone had smoked. A Lot. He thought that it had turned the decals orange. I'm not sure but I think they were just mildly discolored. Anyway you can see now they are silver. The reason is he tried to clean them with I want to say some kind of de-greaser. He says hey come out here and look at this. The decals are coming off when I tried to clean them. When I finally got out to his shop I said what happened they were gold and now they are silver. He said yeah I cleaned them up. I said no they are supposed to be gold! Bless his heart he felt so bad but, he just didn't know. So after that we went on the web to find out what to do. Unfortunately I have never seen another sewing machine with this set of decals on it. 

Well a little more investigation and we find out the motor does not work. We already knew we needed to rewire the foot pedal easy enough.

The face plate was just beautiful. 

As you can see we moved it out of the cabinet and into a case.

So a few weeks after all this happened we stop by an antique store to look around and what do we find. This case below for 45 dollars.

And in it was this one.

Not as fancy but it worked.

It is very nice and it works so that is what we needed. Hubby used it for a while to sew some holsters up and modify them. 

And again not as fancy and I am not wild about the light cover but hey it works. Both of the above machines are referred to as 15-91's 

But this is the one I wanted.

 A Singer 221 Featherweight with a scroll face. 

A friend made me this really neat cover and a bed cover and in my favorite color Turquoise! 

This is the bed cover it is to keep the screw on the face plate from scratching the bed of the machine when it is in it's travel case. 

Here you can see the size of it. This is my Janome Memory Craft 10,001
I use it the most because as you can see it is set into my sewing cabinet. 

This is my new home my backup machine in case my Janome goes to the doctor. And I bought it thinking I would take it to classes because it would be lighter than the Janome. Huh...

So now on to the other vintage machines. These don't belong to me my husband bought them for I'm not sure I think decor. I'm good with that. :)

This is a one hundred and 9 year old treadle machine. He got it through an online auction and I drove 4 hours to pick it up.

As you can see it is in very rough shape. But it is 109 years old! Someone had started the restoration. Not sure if that is why the front door is missing. If you look at the drawers on the left side one is a different color. It has been sanded and cleaned. The only thing we have done is buy a belt to go on it. Not finished with that yet either.

As you can see the face plate is beautiful. I hope to take time to clean it soon. We have not had time to do anything to this machine sense we bought it.

So the picture on the left is our treadle and on the right belongs to someone else.  We have our work cut out for us.

And last maybe smallest be not the least of these is this little cute thing.

I believe this is a child's toy Singer hand crank sewing machine. Some people say it could be a sales mans sample. But if you look at the bottom and can see the indention it would have had a C clamp to hold it onto the table so the child could sew.

Here is the back side. This is soooo cute.

So these are all my machines. If you have any comments or questions please email me direct at flquiltershell (at) gmail (dot) com