Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hanging with my Peeps

Well I know that is a strange title but I will get to that in a moment.

Let me just say this summer has been B-U-S-Y!!! Hopefully as fall comes in things will settle down a little bit so I can get back to my quilting.

I have over the passed few days got to put a few things together. So here we go....

This is my King size quilt top that I am still working on for our bed. This is two sections of four rows. This is the Summer In the Park pattern.

This is what is left of the last section I have to put together. Yes, yes I realize it is five rows. I had an odd number of rows.

Well as you can imagine while working on this quilt my A.D.D. (just kidding) kicked in so I had to jump to another project. 
I have talked about collecting vintage sheets before. So I decided to take a break from the big king size quilt and work on something a little smaller.

 Here it is all finished. Some of the fabrics are sheets I cut from my ever growing stash of vintage sheets. But most are vintage pillow cases or scraps that I bought from fellow vintage sheet collectors off Etsy. 

This pillow case had a butterfly on it and under it you can see the name "Marlene" I just had to put it in.

These are just a few of my favorites. Who am I kidding I like them all. 

I am just waiting on batting to start quilting this one. I have plenty of whole sheets for the backing.

O.K. I have been putting things together for my swoon quilt. It will also be a king size. This week I found a nice place on Etsy to order some beautiful bundles of fat quarters.

Here it is! It's part of the collection of "Happy Go Luck". I wanted something that was not so frilly. This will be my winter quilt and the other one will be my summer quilt. These came from PoppySeed Fabrics. You can find them HERE

There was even this cute little sticker on my package when I got it. So......I ordered again!

I thought these might go with the Happy Go Lucky prints. Well one of them (green dot) is from the line. I got Kona solids and one Riley Blake chevron. I think I have enough for the Swoon now! 

 I also ordered these from Simply Sweet Fabric on Etsy. You can find them HERE I love these sweet little prints and yes that is a bag of Hexies I also ordered from them. I am finally going to start my hexie project.

 Sweet Sweet fabric! I have ordered other fabric to go with this line but it hasn't come in yet. When it does I will share it with you.

Now to the part about Hanging with my Peeps. Here is the "who" that I have been hanging with.

These are baby quail, we hatched about 70 from our incubator. This is a picture of them in the brooder. They take A LOT of my time right now. This is my husbands venture he used to raise quail when he was young like 13 let me just say I did not know what this involved when I signed on to "help"! But, I will help, because that is what wives do.

Here are the "parents" sorry for the poor picture I was taking it through the wire on the cage. They can fly and they are hard to catch! LOL can you tell I have already chased a few. 

And last we have Pheasants. We only have 5 of those though. This is one of the 2 males we have. I didn't take a pic. of the females because they are just two-tone brown. 

I know that was a lot but I have been away from my blog for a long time. That brings me to something else. I now have an Instagram account. It is easier for me to post stuff and write a little about what I am doing than writing a blog post on here. So if you would like to keep up with what I am doing you can follow me HERE or you can click the link on the side bar. But I have to warn you this is NOT just about quilting it's anything and everything that goes on in my life. 

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Hugs and best stitches to you all,


  1. Sometimes you just need to dive into another project. :) Lovely work!

    1. Yes I have to or I just get bogged down sometimes.

  2. Love your prints (and I favor simple patterns, so these appeal to me).

    I am bad about having tunnel vision. When I start a quilt, it's like I am in a race to finish it. That has its upside (I have no UFOs lying around), but the downside is I get a bit bored. It finally dawned on me this morning -- "THAT'S why so many quilters work on multiple projects at once. To stave off boredom!"

    1. Absolutely! If I had to wait to start another project until I finished a king size quilt I would never finish anything or I would have a big mess because I would rush through just to get it done. :-)

  3. Your projects are really nice. The vintage sheets work up beautifully and look so soft....truly shabby chic!

    1. The feel of a vintage sheet quilt is so wonderful!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Diane! It was and is fun to see them take shape.

  5. such pretty quilts! good work, michelle!

  6. Great projects, and great new fabric!

  7. Goodness, girl! I love your new fabric choices!

    I have tubs full of vintage sheets I really need to get busy and make my vintage sheet quilt one of these days. Yours is dreamy!

    1. TUBS!!! Oh man the top shelf of my sew shelves is all I have.

  8. I am very jealous of your vintage sheet collection. That quilt top is so darlling.

  9. You are a busy lady! What a nice wife, too. There is something about vintage sheets, it's like comfort food for quilts. I just love them. The quilt for your bed will be so pretty! I like that pattern.

  10. I also love the vintage sheets and contend with a bit of ADD in regards to quilting! :)

  11. I love the quilts and all the fabric purchases. I also love that you shared where you bought them from online.

    1. I like to say where I bought my fabric. Because most of the time everyone will ask anyway. If I have a good experience I want people to know. I did not get anything for mentioning these shops the owners don't even know about it.


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