Monday, October 23, 2017

A Wife's Secret to Happiness Week 6 Chapter 6 - Encouragement

Hey Friends I hope your week is going well, welcome to Week 6 Chapter 6 encouragement post.

Our verse for this week was Proverbs 31:29

Here is your Encouragement Video for the week.


O.K. so now you know I CAN'T speak Hebrew! So.....below please find the link to The Blue Letter Bible so that you can hear someone who DOES speak Hebrew say the word. 

Sweet sister you are a 

Woman of Might

So put on your armor and let's fight!

For our husbands and for our marriage, that it might be a testimony unto the Lord! 

I will see you Thursday October the 26th at 5:30p.m. at the clubhouse.
Have a great week friends!

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