Friday, March 6, 2015

Rainbow Baby Quilt

I have finished another baby quilt. I thought I might share it with all of you.

This again is another jelly roll by Robert Kaufman.

I have already made one baby quilt with this very same jelly roll a few months back and it looks totally different. You can find that post HERE I call that one my "Modern Baby Quilt"

This quilt I am calling my "Rainbow Baby Quilt"
So here we go....

As you can see this is Very different look for this same jelly roll. The "Modern Baby Quilt" was made for a boy baby. "Rainbow Baby Quilt" is made for a girl baby.

I will tell you this quilt like all quilts that I make is not perfect but they are functional and I learn something new by making each one of them.

So most of you know that I am a fan of putting the binding on my quilts backwards. I sew my binding to the back and flip it to the front and stitch it down with one of the many decorative stitches on my machine.

Well again I did an experiment with a sewing machine foot that I have.

I have a Janome Memory Craft 10,001 this foot came with my machine. It is the G foot and they call it the Blind Hem foot.
What I did was put my binding on the front of the quilt.

Clipped it back to the back with my Clover Wonder Clips and put my G foot on and moved my needle to the 0.0 position and just started stitching the binding through the front down on the back.

This back is put together with some gray and white dot fabric. I had to put a seem in it and I am not happy with it.

You can see the seem right below the label. 

If you back away from it you can't see it as well. Or it just makes you dizzy so you don't notice it. HaHaHa!

I hope this gives you a little help if you would like to machine stitch your binding on. I do a lot of machine binding on the quilts that I make because I want them to be used. My Mom made my husband and I a quilt as a wedding gift. We used that quilt A Lot! EVERY Winter. She had stitched the binding (and the rest of the quilt) by hand. Sense we used it so much I put parts of the binding back on three different times. If I had not been a quilter or knew how to do this I would think I would just put it up and not use it. When I gift a quilt I would never want anyone to "put up" their quilt and save it. When I make a quilt I want it to be used and used up! This is why this works for me. 

Have a great weekend!

Hugs and best stitches to you,

a.k.a. Mrs. Sew & Sew

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