Saturday, August 30, 2014

A Modern Baby Quilt Finished

Hi Quilty Friends!
I finally have something to blog about a quilt finish yay!

I have been showing the progress of this baby quilt over on instagram. But now that I finished it I really wanted to blog about it over here.

This quilt was a departure from the normal for me. I am by no means a "modern" quilter. Which seems to be the trend around all social media. I really like the modern quilting but I like it when they take a traditional quilt block or quilt pattern and use the modern looking fabrics. I think that is more of what I am drawn to more than all the "real" modern quilting.

So now I want to show you my finished quilt.

There are three things about this quilt that were new to me. The first is the one I just talked about is the fact that this quilt looks very modern.

Second is that I quilted this in a spiral quilting pattern. I have never done this before. But, I really wanted to try it because I have been following some other bloggers and they had been do this type of quilting for a while now. This was not too hard I did go to a blog that had a written tutorial and some hints and tips about quilting in this way. Let's just say I'm glad I went over and read other quilters experiences with this method. 

The last thing I did that was new to me was I put a "Magic Binding" on this quilt. I know your saying a What?

If you look close at the picture above you can see the black fabric that looks like it is under the binding but actually it is part of the binding. The hardest part of this binding is after sewing the binding on you have to join the ends just right to make the black (or bottom) fabric line up with the other end. I will just say ugh.....I did my best but after the 5th time I just left it.

I am not crazy about this backing fabric. For one it just seemed really thin and it pleated up around the edges. Also not crazy about these quilt labels that I made they need to be shorter. I can fix that though this is just the first one I have used so far.

Well I hope you all have a great holiday weekend. I will be in my sewing room. If you are on twitter you can use the hashtag #LDSI for Labor Day Sew In and see what everyone is working on. I would love for you to come over and say Hi!

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Hugs and Best Stitches to You,

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  1. Love the quilt! The spiral quilting is a perfect compliment to the straight lines of the top!

  2. So colorfull!!! I love this quilt. Good choice the spr[iral quilting! Compliments
    Love from Amsterdam
    Maartje Quilt

    1. Thank You so much! And thanks for stopping by and reading my blog.

  3. it looks fabulous! I don't like all this labelling business with "modern" quilts. Surely being modern quilters just means not using only civil war reproduction and batiks to make traditional blocks, but outside of that, anything goes. Well that's how I see it anyway!

  4. Love this quilt! That looks like a jelly roll of the new Kona (well, last summer's new!) colours. There are some great shades in there. And your quilting is fab! Aren't you glad you branched out into modern? :)

  5. Rainbows fabric + spiral quilting = gorgeous quilt :)

  6. Beautiful work! A nice combination of color, line & shape.

  7. What a great quilt! It turned out beautifully.

  8. Your quilt is stunning! What color thread did you use for the machine quilting?

  9. This quilt is so...hmm...modern! Love it! The spiral quilting does something magical to the rainbow stripes, at certain angles they look like they are rippling a little. I have used spiral quilting once, it is a pain to start, but the finish is so beautiful, and it really compliments straight piecing.

    1. Thank you and thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!

    2. Beautiful Quilt ! Love the colors !

  10. What a delightful baby quilt, Michelle. The quilting is incredible! Love that spiral. And the binding. Well done!

  11. Your spiral quilting is gorgeous! This is a lovely quilt.

  12. did you use a jelly roll, and if so, which one? also, is there a pattern for this?

    1. I did use a jelly roll. It was Kona Cotton summer 2013 new colors. But I didn't use all of the colors. There were some darker colors out of the jelly roll I didn't want to use. No, no pattern used. Just stitched the strips together then cut the end off and turn it around and sew it back on and your all done.


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