Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year 2015

Happy New Year Friends!

Well it is now officially 2015 and you know that I don't make new years resolutions. I pick a word and try as hard as I can to implement that word into my everyday life.

Now I am not saying that I always accomplish this (I am human) but I try to stretch myself to get out of my comfort zone or to simply try a new aspect of what the Lord is teaching me. 

I won't go into great detail about last years word but I will mention it here and then we will move on. I have created a tab at the top so if you are new here you can go back and look at previous words of the year. 

2014 word of the year was...

  "Selflessness" is a tall order on anyone's scale. But it has been and can be done. Did I display selflessness in my life at all times.? NO.....
Did I try too? Absolutely! Did I try harder to be selfless this year? YES.... 
That was the whole point of picking a word for the year. Picking a word of the year helps me rely on the Lord more to implement that word (or action) in my life.  

The word of the year for 2015.....

Humility is something that I hope to display in my life this year. As a wife and mother there have been times I have been proud for the accomplishments of my husband and my son. (not always a bad thing) 

As a quilter and crafter I struggle with being proud of my accomplishments. Now there is Nothing Wrong with being proud of something you completed. But I was not giving credit to the One that helped me finish it or the Talent TO finish! 
This is the humility that I am speaking of here. I should be giving God all the Honor and Glory for giving me the talent to quilt and create. Sadly when I get complements from others on my quilts I never say "Well I couldn't have done it without the Lord's help". If someone says "wow you are very talented!"
I want my response to automatically be "The Lord gave me the talent and I couldn't have done it without Him."

Thank You all for continuing to read my blog. I hope that it is inspirational to you. 
Here is a little sneak peak of what my next blog post will be about.

If you follow me on instagram you already know what this is about. If you would like to know more stay tuned.

I hope you are all well and I am praying for a Happy New Year for you all.

Hugs and best stitches to you,

a.k.a. Mrs. Sew & Sew


  1. I love reading your blog, thank you!

  2. To God be the glory! Thanks for the great reminder that apart from Him, we can do nothing...

  3. Wow, you've chosen big goals for both years! I'm praying right now that the Lord will help you with humility (and that it won't have to be a painful lesson to learn!).

    Happy new year, Michelle!

  4. I love this! Thanks for sharing it! Happy New Year!


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