Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Not Lost

Hi everyone I just wanted to pop over here and say I am not lost! Busy here as always.

I just wanted to tell you a little about what I have been doing over here while I have been silent.

I am currently still working on the "cross quilt" for my friend it is still however not finished.

But in the meantime I took this out from under the needle and did another baby quilt for a new granddaughter of a friend.

This was just a little bit of fabric I had on my shelf. I need to use up some fabric I have that is just sitting around.

This is the back. I need to use up some blocks I started with and didn't use and then some strips left over.

I also made a table topper for a friend (and her husband) 
I made it first before the quilt and gave it to her but it was a little emotional because they were leaving to got to a cancer center for two months for her husband to have treatments.

You will also see a mason jar in the photos it contains handwritten scriptures that are for when they have a tough day. (ones that I picked from my bible)


I didn't really have to wrap it because it makes a really good wrapping on it's own.

In other news we were really busy the first weekend in December. As it was time for the annual toy run for the Guardian Ad Litem. (see the tab at the top)

We had a lot of participation this year. This was a great thing! 

Hubby designed a patch for our vest to commemorate the ride. It is after all our third year. 

And here is the "Toy Room" that I got to work in a few weeks after the ride where we got to help children pick out their toys.

I hope you all have had a wonderful and very Merry Christmas.

I hope you have really had a great year I am excited to start a new year. (more on that in another post)  


Hugs and best stitches to you,

a.k.a. Mrs. Sew & Sew

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  1. You have been very busy! Putting Scriptures in the jar was a great idea. I know it has been a blessing for them as they battle cancer together.


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