Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Quilt Finished.........So Many Memories

I think this will be the hardest post I will ever write in my blogging career. You will understand by the end of the post. This post will be picture heavy so those of you who use dial-up be warned it my take a while to load.

Close up pictures later.

I started this quilt for my father in law at the end of January of this year. Now normally I would never make a quilt for my father in law. (Grady) Only because Grady is like my husband they never sit still. 
In early 2012 Grady came home early from work very ill. He was admitted to the hospital the next morning. He had staph infection around the top of his lung. That was really scary! But what came next was even more so. After all the doctor's visits he was diagnosed with Interstitial Lung Disease  this disease is terminal. 
He was given a rough time frame of a few years. But as you know it is GOD'S time frame we are working with. All my father in law wanted to do was live long enough to see my son (his grandson) graduate from high school. He told our pastor that and our pastor's reply to that was "I think you are not asking enough of the Lord he is able to do so much more" 

My Mother in law Belinda, My son Dylan, and My Father in law Grady, May 2012
Grady did see Dylan graduate from high school and as you can see he is smiling. It took him a long time just to walk from the parking lot to the stadium. But, he did it and never complained.

Jumping to the quilt I started this quilt like I said in January for Grady when I realized he would probably be spending a lot more time in his recliner due to his deteriorating health. You see in January he was hospitalized for the third time in 4 months. I finished the quilt late February and sent it to be quilted at the first of March. 

Grady was a very Godly man he loved the Lord and never missed an opportunity to tell others about Jesus. He was a member of the Faith Riders and also a Gideon.

That is why I chose to make this quilt. Grady knew the Bible and could quote it! He memorized many verses from the Bible. Each year our pastor would tell us a new verse that he would like for us as a church to learn. My father in law would have it committed to memory in one week. He had many favorite scriptures he would learn. 

This is one of his favorite verses Isaiah 40:31

He was a very talented man as well. This is a car tag carved out of wood he made!

I have put blood, sweat, and tears into many quilts that I have made. This quilt however I have put mostly just tears into. I have cried this week as I put the binding on. 

Grady never got to see his quilt. He passes away on March 20, 2013. However I would never wish him back. You see the tears I cry are purely selfish tears. Grady is in heaven and he is not sick or hurting and he is with his Jesus he loves so much. 

Our family is slowly healing from our loss, and we rejoice in the fact that we will see our Husband, Dad, Papa, Uncle, Friend again one day when the Lord calls us home. You see Grady was all of those things to many people and so much more! He was just like me a sinner saved by grace.

The verses with the year above it are the one's we memorized in church.

So I will leave you with one of many things that Grady used to say "God is good.......all the time......and Every Where!"
I love you Grady and I miss you so much!
Your other daughter,

Hugs and best stitches to you all,


  1. Michelle,

    What a lovely tribute to your Father-in-Law! I'm sure he is smiling down from heaven and filled with continued love for you and all his family!


    1. Thank You Vicky! I was truly blessed just having known him.


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