Thursday, May 2, 2013

Hello and Welcome

This is my my first post so let me introduce myself. My name is Michelle and I love to quilt. I am a wife and mother but most importantly I am a sinner saved by grace.
Now let me tell you a little about what I hope to accomplish here on my blog. In late 2011 I started a blog called Mrs. Sew & Sew and I would blog about my quilting as well as other personal things. When I say I blogged I mean like every day! In late 2012 it was brought to my attention that my blogging (as well as other things) had taken over my life. I had been neglecting my relationship with my Lord and my family. So l decided to delete my Mrs. Sew& Sew blog. I really needed to get my priorities in order.
You might be asking why I am starting a new blog. I really enjoyed talking to people and encouraging them and in turn I was also encouraged by them. I will not be posting a lot on here but I really would love to be able to glorify my God and encourage other through this blog. So sometimes I might just post a scripture I read or something I have read in my daily Bible study. The quilting things that I post I Hope will be about the charity quilts I plan to make. (more about that in a later post)
I plan to make a new start and put things in the "right" order. That's why my theme verse if you will is Romans 12:2. I want to Renew the way I do all things. As a Christian I must put my relationship with Jesus first, then my family more specifically my relationship with my husband and lastly self. I hope to do kingdom work through the things that I like to do and one of those is quilting.
My goal is to help others and maybe bring a smile to their face with a cozy quilt that I can make for them.
Hugs and best stitches to you all,

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