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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Projects, Projects and More Projects....

Hi Friends!

I have been working on many different things over the past few weeks so I have not been able to sit down and write a post here. 
So here is what I've been working towards.

Been working in the flower beds. 

Got a little distracted by the moon one night. God's creations are spectacular.

On my walk back from taking the moon picture. It amazes me! 

Now what have I been sewing you say? I did have two roll ups in my stash so I took one and put it together to make a baby quilt for my niece who is due in October. I am now waiting for thread to come from Superior Threads so I can quilt it. 

Speaking of Superior Threads you might or might not have seen that they started their Instagram account. The first thing they did was share a picture and ask people to share it on your feed and you needed to tag two of your followers and you could win a $10.00 gift certificate.

Well guess what?

I won! So I signed up for their newsletter and in the newsletter they were having a sale for the month of July if you buy some of their "Try Me" threads you could get them 50% off if you entered "tryme" code in the box.

So if you do the try me on say the Master Piece thread. The thread is reg. priced at $8.99 a spool if you buy it as a try me special you can get it for $5.40 and then if you put the "tryme" code in the box at check out it cost you just $2.70 that is 70% off!!!! 

You can only buy 5 spools of any given thread as a Try Me thread and they get to pick the colors.
So I ordered 5 of mater piece thread and 5 of king tut. I used the code and my gift certificate that I won. That is 10 spools of thread and with shipping it was $21.00!!!!! WOW!!

And I found out through Superiors Twitter feed that they just released a new app.

It is an inventory app. to help you keep up with what thread and needles you have in your stash. It is pre-loaded with Superior thread colors and needles. I don't find anywhere that you can add any other brands of thread or needles. This app is Free.

So I talked about making a dress for myself in the last post I did on here. 

This is what I picked out. McCall's #6741

This is as far as I have gotten.

I didn't have enough fabric for the body of the dress as well as the lining. I had to find something in my stash that would work and I did. It is a solid and it is very close to the color of the dress.

I am doing view A. It has a different color band at the bottom of the dress. This is the fabric that I choose for the band.

And this is what started all of this.

 This is a post on Instagram by Michael Miller Fabrics at market. I like the purple dress that she is wearing especially the collar but the Aqua dress in the background That Fabric is what I love!!!! That is how I get myself into making things that I have never made before. Ahhh Instagram you are going to be the death of me!!

For example: Bonnie Hunter posted this!

So guess what I have been reading?!

It was free over the weekend. So I'm 87% done with this book already.

She also "Reposted" this:

I had no idea she had these books out. Does anyone have these books? I would love to know what you think of them.

Went over to Spoonflower and created some fabric so I could make some quilt labels.

I think I am going to use a different font the next time maybe even a different picture. I'm not real impressed with these but I paid for them so I will use them.

Everyone seemed to be having a 4th of July sale so I got some goodies!

These charms were really what I was after but....

If you are paying shipping you might as well get your monies worth. These are 5" charms by Robert Kaufman the name of the line is London Calling. This is a Lawn Fabric.

Here is what I have planned for them:

I'll tell you more about this project when I get further along on it.

Well I know it was a long one and I did not put all the other personal things I have been doing. But you all have heard about the bird and gardens plenty so I will stick with sewing and quilting for today.

If you have time comment and tell me a little about what you have been doing over the past few weeks. I love to hear from you all. 

It may be a while before I can get back here hubby comes home tomorrow YEAH Finally! I missed him.

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Hope you all have a wonderful and quilty week.

Hugs and best stitches to you,
a.k.a. Mrs. Sew & Sew

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Verse for Sunday

Have a great week.

Hugs and best stitches to you,
a.k.a. Mrs. Sew & Sew

Thursday, July 10, 2014

A New Winner and Thankful Thursday # 14

And the Winner of the second box of scarps is.........

Kathy Boice

and she said....

Congratulations Kathy! I sent you an email with more information.

I would like to say Thank You to all of you who have sent me emails and commented over the last couple of weeks on my giveaway blog posts. I am truly blessed to have such great followers.
I would also like to say WHOO HOO this is my 100th post!!
(o.k. sorry got a little carried away)

Now I will move on to Thankful Thursday.

I want to tell you I am thankful for my Niece (well I'm thankful for all 4 of my niece's)  But this is my niece who is grown up and married and has a family of her own. And speaking of family she and her husband are expanding their family. She is due in October and she really wanted a girl because she already has one little boy but they say she is having another boy.

Well she is still excited about the baby. So I always make family members quilts when they have a new addition. I told you about it on the bottom of my last post HERE  

This is what I was going to use.

It is a Nancy Halverson panel. I had planned to cut it apart and add some fabric to square it up and make the baby a quilt. Well I got my fabric out and started and you might have seen a picture on instagram about it. 

Well this is as far as I got because I looked at it from across the room and just did a Big sigh....
Now before I get hate mail there is Nothing wrong with a Christmas quilt. just so happens this child will be born in October so....see this will not work. Don't worry I am still going to make the quilt but I will just give it to my charity that I always give quilts to. They usually give some of them out around Christmas anyway.

So today I pulled out one of my jelly rolls I had on my shelf to try and make a different baby quilt. It is a Kona cotton solid in "Summer" palette.

So here is the only progress I have made.

This looks very modern. Nothing wrong with that. I really got the idea off of a "pin" that I saw on Pintrest. You might have noticed I have a Pintrest Board called Beautiful Bold Color and on that board I have a pin from a flikr board.

I may or may not be able to do this. I have another jelly roll of the same colors but I was planing to make another quilt for someone else.

If you have read all the way down this far Thank You for listening to my ramble on about this quilt "re-think" and my Thankful Thursday.

Hugs and best stitches to you,

a.k.a. Mrs. Sew & Sew


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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Giveaway Winner, Another Giveaway, A Quilt Finish and Thankful Thursday # 13

Hi Quilting Friends!

And the Winner Is........

Natalie F

and she said:

So Natalie F. I need you to contact me asap! I have tried to find an email address for you but can't. Email me! flquiltershell (at) gmail (dot) com
I need your mailing address so I can send you your goodies!

Please don't be sad if you didn't win. Please Read all the way down to the end of this post! ;)

Welcome to Thankful Thursday 

Today I am Thankful for some "down time". I know your thinking What? I have been very busy this spring and summer with birds, garden, grass ect. ect....
Well at the beginning of the week it started out o.k. but then the weather turned really hot. So...... I have taken a break from being outside this week. But in my "down time" I did get to sew! Yeah for sewing!
Which brings us to.

I have finished the second scrap quilt to give to the youngest little boy of the foster children my sister in law and brother in law have.
He asked me when I gave his big brother his quilt if he would get one. I told him of course! Then he wanted to know if it would be just like his brothers. I said well not exactly but very close.

I still did this quilt with the scraps and in the jelly roll race style.

Please forgive the strings and lint I was finishing it this afternoon and it took me a little longer than I thought and I wanted to get this post written.

I had to piece the back. I really don't know why. I had the same amount of fabric that I did for the other quilt .(3 yards) The only thing different is the fabric was in two different cuts a one yard cut and a 2 yard cut. I kind of like it pieced.

Here is the pillowcase that goes with this one. 

So now I guess you really want to know if I really am giving away another set of scraps, thread and needles?! Well yeah I am!! Here they are:

This time the thread is blue but hey I like it.

See how cool this is!!! I am kinda jealous I don't get to keep the blue one. 
Don't forget if you don't win you can get a deal on a spool of this NiteLite at Superior Threads right HERE

Don't forget if you buy the NiteLite thread you need to use the Needles 90-14 

So for this Giveaway if you win you will get:
a box of fabric scraps
1 small spool NiteLite thread
3 Topstitch 90/14 needles

Here are the rules:

First you must be a follower of my blog. (Don't worry if your not a follower you can become one right now! Welcome! :) 

This is open to Continental U.S. Residents only. Sorry Alaska, Hawaii and over seas guests. (shipping cost are horribly high)   

This Giveaway will run for one week. From July 3 - July 10 
I will pick a winner on the 10th

Now how to enter:

Leave a comment on this post and tell me,
How you follow my blog. (i.e. Google+, Feedly, Bloglovin, Feedspot, ect.)
and tell me what you think you might do with your scaps and thread if you win. (don't worry I won't hold ya to what ever you write here LOL)

Please ONLY comment one time. (I do this the old school way of drawing a name) Hey...I'm being optimistic that a lot of people read my blog. A girl can hope...right?!  

If you forget something you wanted to say or you have a question just shoot me an email. flquiltershell (at) gmail (dot) com

Before I leave I just wanted to let you see a little of what I plan to work on.

First I am going to "try" to make myself a dress. Um.....most of you know I don't garment sew! Ever! But Laura over at Sewing Mom Podcast talks about all the clothes she makes for herself and her kids and now even her grandchild. So my mom (who started out garment sewing) before she started quilting (then got me into quilting) helped me pick all this out! She says you can do it. We shall see!

But before I do that I need to do this:

This is a panel that I plan on cutting up and make a quilt for my niece who is due to have her second child (not sure gender) in October.

Also something Laura talked about on her I can't remember what episode (Sorry Laura) Organizing my patterns and storing them. I have started buying a lot of PDF downloads. I'm a "I can't wait" kinda gal! So I needed to take them out of the drawer I was putting them in and get them put together so I could not only find them but use them!   

They even fit perfect in the box I already had some of my patterns in.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog.

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I hope you have a great 4th of July holiday!

Hugs and best stitches to you,

a.k.a. Mrs. Sew & Sew